Friday, October 7, 2016

Why Picture Books are Important - Rick Walton

I didn't write this but I thought it was worth sharing.
The person who wrote this was Rick Walton. I found out that Rick passed away this morning while surrounded by his loved ones. I doubt Rick would ever realize how much he touched mine and countless others with his generosity and example. He was a BYU Professor, Author of hundreds of children's books, friend, and all around great guy. We will miss you Rick.
Why Picture Books are Important,
And why they are for Everybody
by Rick Walton
Picture books are often seen as literary baby food, the stuff we feed children until they have teeth to eat real food.

I would argue, however, that picture books are not baby food. They are not just for young children.
In fact, I would argue that picture books are perhaps the most important literary format that we have.

Here are 10 reasons why I believe this:

1. They are the first books that children fall in love with, that turn children into lifetime readers. Lifetime readers become lifetime learners. Lifetime learners become lifetime contributors.

2. Picture book language is often more sophisticated than the first chapter books that children read, and therefore are an excellent way for children to learn language. It is here that children and others, can learn vocabulary, imagery, rhythm, shape, structure, conciseness, emotional power.

3. The picture book is the most flexible of all literary formats. You can do almost anything in a picture book. This flexibility encourages creativity in both writer and reader. It broadens the mind and the imagination. And given today's challenges, we desperately need more creativity, broadened minds, and imagination.

4. The picture book with its interaction between text and illustration, with its appeal that the reader analyze the interaction, helps develop visual intelligence. It helps us look for meaning in the visual. And since most of us are surrounded by, and inundated by visual images our whole lives, visual intelligence is an important skill.

5. Some of the best art being created today is found in picture books. Picture books are a great resource for art education.

6. The picture book appeals to more learning styles than any other format. It is read loud for audible learners. It is written and illustrated for visual learners. It often asks you to interact with it physically for kinesthetic learners.

7. In fact, the picture book, of all formats, is probably the best format for teaching an idea, getting across a point. Because picture books are short, all messages, knowledge, ideas expressed in a picture book must be boiled down to their essence. They must be presented in a way that it is impossible to misunderstand. If you want to learn a difficult subject, start with a picture book. If you want to express a powerful message, a picture book is one of the most powerful media for doing so. many middle, upper grade, and even college instructors have recognized the value of using picture books in their teaching.

8. The picture book does more than any other literary format for bonding people one with another. As a child sits on a lap and is read to, as a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a librarian reads to a child, extremely important connections are made, bonds are formed, generations brought together.

9. The picture book also has the broadest possible age range of audience. Few four-year-olds will appreciate a novel. But many grandparents enjoy a good picture book. I have read picture books for upwards of an hour to groups including toddlers, teens, parents and grandparents, where all were

10. The picture book is short, and can fit easily into the nooks and crannies of our lives. Five minutes here, 10 minutes there, plenty of time for a complete literary experience.

Picture books are poetry, adventure, imagination, language, interaction, precision, and so much more.

Picture books are not books that children should be encouraged to "graduate" from. For picture books have something important to say, to give, to all ages, all generations.

Picture books are not just books for children. They are books for everybody.

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